Milk Filters

Superior Filtration at an Economical Price.

Designed for use in moderate to high-pressure pipeline systems, our filters provide superior micro-filtration without stressing your milk pump. Ruggedly constructed for maximum durability, they're made from high-wet strength, randomly laid, single-ply polyester fabric. The filter's threadless design eliminates needle holes and its sonically-welded seams remove the need for glue, adhesives, and stitching commonly found in competitive filters, resulting in greater purity and efficiency.

The filter's micro-sized pores and fiber dispersion give you optimum filtration at a fast flow rate. These fine pores also keep contaminants, such as sediments, from entering your bulk tank, but they are wide enough to ensure that butterfat flows through to ensure you get the best possible price for your milk.

Sock Filters

 Dimensions Quantity per Case
2 1/4" x 12" 800 filters
2 1/4" x 24" 800 filters
2" x 24" 800 filters
3" x 23 3/8" 800 filters
4 7/8" x 17" 600 filters
​4 7/8" x 33 1/2" 600 filters


Tube Filters

Dimensions Quantity Per Case
4 7/8" x 17" 600 filters
4 7/8" x 33 1/2" 600 filters
4 7/8" x 36" 600 filters


Non-Gauze Filter Disk (for Gravity Systems)

 Dimensions Quantity Per Case
6 1/2" 3,600 filters
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